Client Responsibility

For the benefit of all users, agreed letting times must be strictly adhered to

All areas of the building are Strictly No Smoking areas

Any accidents to property or person must be reported within 24 hours followed by written confirmation as soon as possible

Loss of any key must be reported to the Management Committee

On no account must any extra keys be cut

All furniture and equipment belongs exclusively to the Village Hall and must not be removed, without prior permission, under any circumstances.

Any furniture must be carried, not pulled, across the floors

Internal doors are for fire safety and must not be left wedged open

Users equipment must not be left (or stored) on the premises without prior permission (Including household refuse)

No decorations (banners, balloons, posters etc) may be attached to any walls, doors or any other surfaces in the premises without prior permission. Even then any resulting damage will be charged for.

Internal passageways and exits must not be obstructed in any way

Parking: local No Parking restrictions will be strictly enforced by the local police. Please do not block the front door of the King of the Belgians pub. This may block access for emergency services.

At all times consideration must be given to local residents i.e. No loud music, noise or disturbance or inconsiderate parking

Failure to observe these instructions especially anti-social behavior in the street or exceeding the agreed hire period will jeopardise the return of your £50 deposit so please ensure your guests understand this.