Conditions of hire

1.Anyone wishing to hire the above premises must read the conditions/ responsibilities and then fill in the application form, obtainable from the booking Clerk Mrs R Clark 01480 350445 16 Rodney Road Hartford Huntingdon PE29 1RZ.

2.The person who signs the form of application shall be deemed to be the hirer/user and must be 21years of age or over. The Management Committee may refuse to hire the premises to any individual or organisation at their discretion or may cancel any booking (with a refund of any payment already made), if in the opinion of the Management Committee there is sufficient reason for doing so.

3.The Hire charge deposit of 50% must be paid when making the booking. The balance must be paid on the day of the event. A separate CASH deposit of £50, is required and will be refunded when the premises are found to have been left in good order. Cheques to be made out to 'Hartford Village Hall'. In the event of cancellation 50% of the deposit will be retained if less than twenty-eight days notice is given (in writing). Later cancellations will be viewed on merit by the Management Committee. Any cancellation will incur a minimum £5 administration fee.

4.The Hirer is responsible for leaving the premises in good order and for its proper use during the event. This includes adherence to any legal restrictions on the sale of alcohol, unlicensed gambling and lotteries, and the performance of music or stage plays.

5.Hirers are responsible for keeping the fire exits clear and for the safe use of the cooker. In the event of the alarm going off, evacuate the hall immediately and contact the Fire Service (nearest public telephone is next to the Village Stores). Assemble on the street outside and check, as far as possible, that everyone is accounted for.

6.The hirer must understand that he/ she is responsible for any damage or breakages at the premises during their occupancy, whether caused by guests or not. If the Management Committee has to make repairs or replace items then the hirer is personally liable for the costs. This includes any special cleaning required after the event.

7.The Hall Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property or possessions of the hirer or hirer's guests during their occupation of the premises, or for any loss to the hirer by reason of cancellation of a booking.

8.The premises must be completely vacated by midnight, and any music must cease by 11.30 p.m. The premises stand in a residential area and any annoyance to local residents must be avoided. Failure to observe these instructions will jeopardise the return of your £50 deposit.